It was my first time coming to Dallas and I am so glad that I saw this place. It is really amazing especially the overall structure of the place. The bungalows they have are very cool. It made me felt like I was residing in an alternate world such as those in the movie, The Hobbit if you know what I am. This place is straight from the fantasy world and it is so amazing. Although the structure is very rustic like a real cabin, the amenities that can be found here are top of the line. It would really give you a good experience during the duration of your stay here.


My wife and I stayed here during our trip to Texas. It was great. They have a restaurant that serves good dishes. You do not anymore need to go far just to have a taste of the popular steak they fuss about in Texas. Really great dishes. The wine is nice too. They have the vintage ones which I and my wife really loved. What more is that the service is also exceptional. I highly recommend this place.


I cannot begin to discuss the amazing characteristics of this place. This is the first time I managed to find a place of accommodation that is very homey. Even the staff is great which added to the appeal of the place. You’d be happy to know that even the location of this place is very nice because it is easily accessible to the attractions many tourists favor as they come to this place. No need anymore for long walks that would drain your energy. After a long day, you can comfortably rest here before you participate in the happenings in the restaurant adjacent to the place. Party all you want and meet new people while you are in the area.